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A history of innovation

The new histories of success have a renowed past and new important target to reach. Laserline Safety and Security Systems S.r.l. aims to a leadership position in Safety and Security sectors. Going through the costant quality and innovation research, Laserline leads the winner experience which has been accumulated in the Access Control sector and the twenty-years know how gained thanks to the most important car manufacturers collaboration’s in the two new business units: Laserline Access Control and Laserline Automotive. A new synergy of commercial and technical profile, drawed the company towards new mission. 

The two business units work side by side to improve the company’s performances, to guarantee the best satisfaction and total professional support to the partners.

With an innovation attitude, passion and experience, Laserline assists the partners in sales expansion, offering a personal service to the customers.

An improvement choice to work together towards a better future, beginning from today.